Mossberg 500 .410 Hushpower 2+1 or FAC (4+1) Wood Furniture £795.00
Mossberg 500 .410 Hushpower 2+1 or FAC (4+1) Synth Furniture £795.00
Beretta 20g O/U Full Hushpower Conversions, ring for details
.410 9″ Detachable Hushpower Moderator £120.00

*New* Hushpower 12g Choke Moderator (for multichokes)

12g Detachable Hushpower© Choke Moderator £180.00
Suitable extended chokes available from £30.00 or supply your own Can be fitted to multichoke guns (where extended chokes are avaliable)
Allows for easy installation or removal when needed
Alternative to permanent Hushpower solution
Still great noise reduction!

Hushpower 12g Choke Moderator

**out fo stock HUSHPOWER© 12G DETACHABLE 10″ MODERATOR £180.00** Instructions

Tom Sykes – Pigeons Shooting with Alan Wood and SHOTKAM
With the Huspower system on Beretta 391
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410 Mossberg Hushpower©

Hushpower_410published June 2007
Saddlery and Gunroom
410 Mossberg 
The Field Magazine
410 Mossberg Review.
published December 2009
Baikal 12g S/B Hushpower update
review from a private customer, review by Gary P
 Which Hushpower
12g or 20g? Expert eye from “Sharpshooter”
 more from “Sharpshooter. Shooting rats with Hushpower moderated shotgun 20bore at night under lamps.  more from “Sharpshooter.
HUSHPOWER Bob’kat moderator review and comparison to some leading models
Joe Dimbleby, pubished May 15

.410 Mossberg Hushpower

Softly, Softly Shootee Rattie
.410 Mossberg Hushpower, Review courtesy of Sporting Gun

Baikal 12g S/B Hushpower review from a private customer review, by Gary P
Baikal 12g Hushpower