Fenceman Energiser CP1900


High power / low power: Use the high power to establish the fence with new livestock – once they stop testing the fence switch to low power to conserve battery life. For longer fences it will be necessary to keep the unit on high power

Day mode: Full power during the day had half power at night

Night mode: Full power during the night and half power during the day

Pulse rate: This alters the time between pulses from 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds, which is useful to increase battery life

Three stage battery warning light: This gives a good indication of the state of charge of the main 12v battery and when this is disconnected the back up batteries are monitored.

Pulse light: This indicates the unit is functioning additionally this will double flash to indicate low fence voltage and therefore a possible fault on the fence.

On/Off Switch: Easily turn your energiser on and off with no need to fiddle about with wires

Will power up to: 14 KM standard horse fence / 3 x 50m poultry net

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