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AUBIOSE Future Fork has just been upgraded to give you the long-lasting tool and excellent performance. New upgraded head is much stronger and functional than ever before. Its prongs are now spaced closer together and its sides raised to make sure the load is better kept in place.

AUBIOSE Future Fork is a lightweight equine shaving fork. It is made of strong polymer head and light, ergonomic aluminum handle with D grip. The head consists of closely spaced, long prongs with raised angled sides to keep the load in place.

The fork should be used for daily skipping out.

It is currently the best shavings fork on the market.

AUBIOSE Future Fork weighs only 1.09kg.

Head size: 40cm(W) x 30cm(H)

There are 3 lengths of handles available:

  • Standard Handle Length: 124cms
  • Medium Handle Length: 104cms
  • Short Handle Length: 95cms (for short people only)
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