Omega Turmeric Extra Refill 3.5kg


Turmeric has long been considered an essential ingredient for a healthy body. The plant belongs to the ginger family and its roots are ground into a delicious spice for cooking. It has powerful benefits for maintaining healthy levels of inflammation and is considered a potent antioxidant. Used for aiding both human and horse, it has been linked to soothing stiffness, sustaining a healthy digestion and easing many skin conditions.

The active component in turmeric is curcumin; this yellow pigmented powder is a wonder for the body because it:

  • Supports healthy joints and soft tissues by managing inflammation and lessening the impact of stiffness. This sustains optimum joint function, especially for horses with lameness complaints
  • Aids healthy and natural digestive function whilst also easing constipation and soothing the stomach lining
  • It’s an excellent antioxidant which is hugely beneficial for overall health and well-being, benefiting almost every major system in the body
  • Soothes the skin and associated skin conditions, including skin which itches or irritates
  • Detoxifies the liver, stimulating healthy bile production in the gallbladder. This helps the liver effectively eliminate toxins and rejuvenate cells.
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