Salmon Oil Dog Food Supplement 500ml


Cold Pressed Salmon Oil is made from 100% Scottish Salmon using a cold pressing process, meaning none of the natural nutrients is lost. Rich in Omega 3 and 6, our Salmon Oil is hypoallergenic and the perfect supplement for any dog over 12 weeks.


Salmon Oil 99.5%, Antioxidants (natural tocopherols) 0.5%

Omega oils are essential for skin and coat quality, cardiovascular/ heart health, immune response, cognitive/ brain function and joint function/ mobility.


Use the pump included to easily add the amount to your pet’s food or treats each day. Introduce gradually over 1 week. SUGGESTED DAILY AMOUNT Mix with your pet’s food, and introduce gradually over 1 week.

1 pump ≈ 2ml / 1tsp = 5ml Small(<10kg)

0.5-1 tsp/2-5ml/day Medium(10-25kg)

1-2 tsp/5-10ml/day Large(25-50kg)

2-3 tsp/10-15ml/day X Large(50+kg)

3-4 tsp/15-20ml/day Cats should be fed 1-2 ml per day. Ferrets 1ml per day. Horses 10ml per 100kg per day.


  • NO MORE ITCHY / DRY SKIN: Our ALL-NATURAL Scottish salmon oil formula is a liquid fish oil supplement designed to promote and improve any pet’s health, keeping them looking and feeling great. It is proven to reduce itching, dandruff and dry skin.
  • PACKED WITH OMEGA-3, 6, & 9 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS: Our premium formula contains Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids derived from EPA and DHA, known as triple omega. These nutrients help keep animal coats soft and support overall pet health.
  • HEALTHY PET BENEFITS: Simply add our salmon oil to any cat food, dog food, or pet food daily to help support and improve mental, brain and heart health. It also assists cell membrane formation, weight management, and inflammation.
  • JOINT SUPPLEMENT & TREATMENT: Scottish salmon fish oil is widely recommended by vets as a pet-assisted health, illnesses and treatment aid for joint support, pain relief, flaky skin, itch and hair loss.
  • DOGS, CATS & PETS LOVE IT: Hiding capsules and medication in your pet’s food can be very frustrating. Instead, simply pump the delicious liquid gel treat over your pet’s meal or medication and watch them devour every last drop. No mess, no fuss. Yum!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL PETS, SIZES & BREEDS: Whether you have a cat, dog, kitten, puppy, senior, horse, ferret, or rabbit, our oil is suitable for ALL pets. Just adjust the serving size in line with the small to extra-large-sized pet chart on the bottle.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS ONLY: Artificial preservatives have long-term negative effects on pets so beware. We use an all-natural E vitamins tocopherol antioxidant to help prolong our formula that assists the immune system and improves skin health.
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