We pride ourselves on the standard that we have trained our staff to on riding hat and body protector fitting. Horse riding can be a dangerous sport and rider safety is a top priority.

Our staff have been highly trained by a representative from our hat stockists, Charles Owen and Champion, ensuring that they are competent in finding the perfect fit for each customer. This training includes the material make-up of the hat, key features, restrictions with regards to competition and care to ensure the hat lasts.

Riding hats differ vastly in their fitting, as does the shape and size of people’s heads, which is why it’s so important to have a hat fitted professionally.

In addition to a riding hat, a body protector will help to keep you safe should you slip out of the saddle. We stock the Racesafe brand for adults. As an innovative product that offers a lot more comfort and flexibility than traditional body protectors, which can feel stiff, this is a popular choice. Our staff are trained to fit every part of the body protector from the width to the length, which is why we suggest you bring your saddle with you on the day as this allows us to ensure that the back length is just right.

Booking a hat or body protector fitting is not necessary as we have trained staff in the shop during all opening hours, however, if you’d like to, please give the shop a call.

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