Rug washing from  –  £12.95

Rug re proofing from  –  £21.95 

Fly rugs (combo) washed  –  £14.95

Saddle cloth washing  –  £5.75

Dog bed washing  –  (quoted at time)

Travel boots washing  –  £12.45


We can clean your dirtiest turnout rug or your lightest fleece. Our five-star service will leave your rugs looking and feeling like new. We use the latest in insecticides and anti-bacterial washes to ensure that all traces of infection are removed from the rugs.

Ripped rug, buckle missing? No problem, we can repair your rugs at the same time. Once we’re finished making them sparkle, we also offer a re-proofing service, which will restore the rug’s ability to repel water. Rug cleaning takes around a week, but please ask in store at the time as busy periods might take a little longer. We can also wash your numnahs, dog beds and travel boots.

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